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Legal Orders

Oregon - Replacements

Ohio - Promissory Terms in Advertising

New Jersey - Annuity Bonus Advertisement

Massachusetts - Replacements

New Jersey - Mordechai Rubin - Untrue or Deceptive Information on an App

Michigan - Lead Connection Inc. - Misleading and Deceptive Lead Generation

Ohio Department of Insurance Revokes License for Misrepresentation

Utah – Boyd Casselman – Misleading Advertisments for Seminars

Indiana – Josh Harrington – Failure to Disclose

Minnesota – Kim L. Brown – Rebating

Minnesota – Crown Atlantic – Banner Ads

Minnesota – Steven Anderson – Various Advertising Violations

New Jersey – License Revoked for Misleading Advertisements

New Jersey – INS Solutions – Comparisons

New Jersey – Nancy Ziering – College Planning

North Dakota – Steven Anderson – Mailers

Washington - Disparaging Competitor

Washington – John Steele Clayton – Gifting

Washington - Misleading Statements

Washington - Failure to report disciplinary action from a different state

Washington - Misuse of a Designation

Washington – Willoughby McIntosh – Advertising 8 Percent Annuity

Protect Your Practice

INS Solutions Case

Legacy Insurance Case

Order of Default Revoking Idaho Non-Resident Producer License

New Jersey Gifting Case

Insurance Advertising Laws

Insurance Insights – January 2015 – Case Notes

Illinois Insurance Salesman Sentenced for Defrauding Alaska Postal Workers